Breckenridge, where the moose run loose.

Tim: “We live in freakin’ Colorado!” It seems like every day, Charisse and I say this to each other, like we can’t believe our good fortune. It really is beautiful here, and the opportunities for outdoor adventure are nearly limitless. We’ve already gotten a bit of snowboarding in, as nearby Keystone resort is partially open. Charisse is slowly building her skills. Before long, she’ll be ripping down the mountain with me.

Our new jobs as transit bus drivers for the Town are going great. Because the ski resort isn’t open yet, the town is pretty quiet, except on weekends. So that can make for monotonous circuits around town driving the buses. Except when moose decide to make an appearance! Yes, we regularly see moose as we drive our routes. Big bulls, cows, and sometimes calves, all meandering around through people’s yards. We also see a lot of fox, along with coyotes and deer.

Although mountain biking is mostly done for the season, we were able to get in a few fun rides here, and we’ve been happy to get some hiking in, too, before the snow really flies. There is so much history here, with old gold mines and structures dotting the landscape.

We’ve also decided to attempt to hike the 567 mile Colorado Trail. I’ll be detailing THAT new quest in a separate post.

Other than that, we’ve just been trying to soak up everything that Breck has to offer. Museums and shops run the length of historic Main Street. Dining opportunities (a lot of them with awesome happy hour specials) are endless, and every place seems to have an outdoor patio to enjoy the views. And of course, the beer tastes so good after a day enjoying the outdoors!

2 thoughts on “Breckenridge, where the moose run loose.”

  1. Glad you are enjoying Colorado. We are all doing good here in Nevada. The flu season has hit Katie’s family which then shares it with us. I am enjoying retirement. I fell and messed up my knees but am slowly recovering. Praying for you. Have a great Hoiday season ahead. Aunt Janevand Uncle Bob.

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