Skoolie Life?

What does that even mean? A “skoolie” is vanlife’s bigger cousin: a school bus that has been converted into a recreational vehicle. What they lose in mobility and fuel mileage, they make up for in space. We see lots of them around, and it’s really taking off in areas where rent has become incredibly expensive.

With that in mind, the owners here at Mountain River Adventures had a couple buses to sell. They both fell victim to California’s more restrictive regulations for older commercial vehicles. So I thought they would make a good skoolie candidates.

I put ads up in the usual places (FB and craigslist), but also on a site called skoolielivin.com. One bus eventually did sell to a production crew in Hollywood. Apparently ESPN is going to convert it into a “fan bus”. So keep an eye out for commercials with an old International bus, probably with LA Chargers colors.

But the other one is the subject of this post. Last night Maverick and I (we’ve reverted to our trail names here!) had the pleasure of handing the keys over to our new friend Deanna. She is a Los Angeles resident that has been searching for the right bus for quite a while. When she saw the ad for “Walkin’ Tall”, she knew she had to make the trip inland to see it.

And she fell in love with it! We’re so excited to see her enthusiasm and passion to start this new chapter in her life. She even kept the bus’ name! Feel free to follow her Instagram at walkintallsjourney_72521

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