Post-COVID hike in New Mexico

By our standards, a little 5 mile out-and-in barely registers as noteworthy enough for the blog. But we decided to post this to encourage people to find little ways to put a smile in their heart during TWYE (The Worst Year Ever).

Our hike wandered among the pines, with occasional glimpses of the valleys below. It was a bit cold, with a sharp wind that made us wish we had a few more layers. And while we felt pretty good physically, an afternoon at 7000+ feet reminded us that we’re only a couple weeks removed from being COVID couch potatoes. We were pretty gassed after this hike! But as you can see from our pics, we’re overjoyed to be back out in the outdoors. Afterwards, we drove to the top (10000+’) for yet another selfie.

BTW, we were hiking along a short section of the Sandia Crest, above Albuquerque NM. This is one of the southern most reaches of the Rocky Mountains, and they really dominate the landscape to the east of the city. We’d love to revisit sometime for a more rigorous hike. Hope you enjoy the pics!

2 thoughts on “Post-COVID hike in New Mexico”

  1. Every time I see your postings makes me feel guilty for not calling your Mom.
    My son John has begun hiking last year.
    He has been driving 3-4-5 hours from the twin cities where we are to the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT).
    He has Mondays off so depending where he is heading, he can go Sunday and Mondays.
    He has a YouTube: Swag on the trail 81.
    People are recognizing him on the trail and stop him.
    Love all your postings!!


    1. Hey Sue! Glad you’re enjoying our stories! You should give my Mom a call, she’d love to hear from you!! Love that your son is doing the SHT! That’s next on our list to section hike. How many miles has he done so far? I’ll have to check out his YouTube channel. It’s fun to be recognized on the trail. 😁 Stay tuned for more adventures! Take care!


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