11/29/19. Time to roll

Tim: Well, formal training is over. Eight weeks of school and four more weeks with our trainers. Earlier this week, our dream of becoming team OTR drivers was realized when our company, Midwest Carriers, tossed us the keys to our new whip. It was surreal, prepping for our first run, realizing that it was finally happening. We were a little nervous, especially since this would be the first time we’d been in a truck together.

Our first run went fairly smoothly: out to New York with a load of cheese (of course), then down to Jersey to bring a load of coffee beans back to Wisconsin. It was fun and challenging ironing out the kinks of when to drive, when to fuel, what to eat, etc. There’s always so much to think about, and it was rewarding when we got it right.

So this Thanksgiving, we are thankful that we found a great company that has been very welcoming and supportive. We are so thankful to our trainers, Robin and Darrell, for putting in the hard work with us rookies to ensure we were ready for this life. And we are especially thankful to our kids, friends, and family for all the love and well wishes.

And with that, it’s time to roll. We’ll see ya down the road…


11/3/19. Training

Tim: Its been awhile since I’ve updated, so here we go!

Charisse and I are currently training with our new trucking company, Midwest Carriers, out of Kaukauna WI. We’ll be with our driver trainers for about 4 weeks before we get our own truck, and are turned loose on the world.

I’m training with Darrell (his is the truck on the left, 2017 Volvo). He’s been in the industry for about 30 years, and his wealth of knowledge has been incredibly helpful. He started out driving team with his Dad, and you can really tell that trucking is in his blood.

Charisse has been training with our friend Robin (2019 Volvo on the right). She was the one who was a lot of the inspiration for our decision to go trucking, AND to hike the PCT (she hiked it in 2013).

Both of us have been fortunate to land at such a high quality company, and we’ve been meeting so many great people. Plus, we’ve already driven 3-4000 miles each in the last week or so. Our runs have taken us to Minnesota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Its already shaping up to be a great adventure, and we’ll keep everyone posted with where this takes us.