10/18/2019: Last day of trucking school.

Tim: It’s hard to believe that we are graduating, and have our CDL’s. Eight weeks ago, we could barely shift a truck, and now we’re ready to hit the road. It’s been challenging but fun as we’ve moved quickly through the program.

A few days ago, we did some night driving, starting at 3am and driving to Wausau and back. Yesterday was our day on the skidpad (see videos below). We were out on the wet tarmac getting trucks and cars sideways to learn how vehicles behave in low traction situations.

We really want to thank all the instructors at Fox Valley Technical College for all of their support and advice. It’s a top notch program, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

And……, we already have a job! We start next week with V&S Midwest, out of Kaukauna. There were several great companies out there but this one seemed to fit us best. Plus our friend Robin (who helped inspire this madness!) drives for them, so it’s nice to know a friendly face.

Our first 4-6 weeks will be orientation, and going over the road (OTR) individually with our trainers. Once that’s done, we get our truck, and we’re turned loose on the world as a team! I’ll try to keep the blog updated as we go through training. Plus, feel free to ask questions about this new lifestyle we’re about to enter.

3 thoughts on “10/18/2019: Last day of trucking school.”

  1. I sure enjoyed your postings and sorry your journey did not reach Cañada. No doubt you will make it someday. This is Trail Musick (Howard). We met in Anza Barrago way back in April when I was doing a 50 mile section hike after dropping off my son Jack (Dilly). He reached Cañada September 18th and went back to finish 150 chilly miles in the Sierras (Lake Tahoe to Yosemite) that he missed due to injury. He and his trail team did get through the North Cascades just as it started snowing and becoming real tough.

    I finished my final AT section on August 12th and am now thru hiking the AT (after 25 years). We are settled back in Bellingham and I am teaching a class on Energy Policy at WWU. When you next get to Western Washington, please look me up. I would enjoy seeing you in Neenah, but since Kimberly-Clark is 2-1/2 years in my rear view mirror, excuses to visit the Fox Valley are fewer.

    Pleased that you are realizing your vision to live and work on the road together. I admire your life plan and appreciate the whimsical way you tell your and Maverick’s story. Keep on living the dream and dreaming the life.

    All the best,
    (360) 920-7582


    1. Thanks so much Howard! I remember that day and our conversation. We will be sure to look you up, and please do the same if you are in WI!


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