9/10: No longer homeless, soon to be employed

Tim: It feels very strange to use my normal name now. I had grown so fond of people calling me “Rooster”. I miss it and we miss the trail.

But, we’re moving forward with our new chapter. It’s been a busy couple weeks, as Maverick Charisse and I moved into a nice duplex in Neenah. Nice and small, the way we like it.

We’ve also started truck driving school! This was our plan from the beginning; to hike the trail, then start a new career as an over-the-road truck driving team. We’re already doing some driving on the school’s test track, and we’ve also started practicing on the road. It’s been an awesome experience, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

First day of school pic!

3 thoughts on “9/10: No longer homeless, soon to be employed”

  1. So glad you are home. Hope you are having fun learning new things. Safe travels on your new careers. Love you both. Aunt Jane and Uncle Bob


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