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7/29, Mile 875. An unexpected exit.

Rooster: It is 6am, and we are currently sitting in a coffee shop in Seattle. We just arrived after driving our rental all night from Fresno, CA. Why? In an unfortunate turn of events, Maverick slipped on a rock while crossing a creek, and tweaked her back. Nothing serious, nothing a couple trips to a chiropractor and taking it easy for a couple weeks won’t cure.

But obviously, marching up and down mountains with a pack on her back is out of the question. So we are done for the year. We’d be really disappointed, but we’d already come to terms with the fact that finishing it this year was unrealistic. We were already way behind schedule because of our incredible time in Kernville.

So, no regrets, no sorrow. Our biggest goal was to have a big adventure, to live our best lives. We hiked a third of the PCT, spent 6 awesome weeks working at a rafting company, and met some of the best people in the world. We are fortunate that we have the flexibility to come back some other year (2021?) and finish. And so now we go back to Wisconsin to start a new phase of our lives, knowing that the trail will always be there for us.

We’ve been off the grid for awhile, and we’ve got a decent backlog of pics and stories. I’ll be getting those posted over the next couple days.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”.

8 thoughts on “7/29, Mile 875. An unexpected exit.”

  1. Although you may not have completed the entire journey I am so impressed at all that you accomplished. The friendships you formed and memories you share will keep you going until you hit the trail again. You two rock!

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    1. Thank you, Leslie! Getting to know you will be one of our favorite memories on the entire trail! Hope you keep following for more adventures to come! 😊


  2. I love your attitude! While I am bummed for you that you were unable to finish, I know you had an amazing time and lots of adventures living your dream! Now you have something to look forward to (planning for next time). You are both an inspiration!

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    1. Thank you so much, Stacie!! It’s hard to believe there were so many incredible sights and experiences in such a relatively short amount of time. Makes me so excited for “Round 2”! 😁


  3. I job well done my friend. Life is short and two are a true inspiration to take time and enjoy. Wonderful to see. A goal to finish is only good as long as you have enjoyed the path to the finish line, which you two obviously have. Still creating my “less is more” myself since you left, and boy it feels good to get ride of stuff! Another inspiration thanks, Rory.

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