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7/6: Earthquakes, and one last ride.

Rooster: We’re just about at end of our time here at Mountain River Adventures. We hit the trail next Wednesday after nearly 6 weeks off. The time has flown by because it’s been so much fun. Today I took the shuttle up the mountain for one more run down Just Outstanding, and had an incredible ride. Clean, fast, with a little bit of airtime to get the heart racing. When JO empties onto Old State Road, the views of the Valley and Lake Isabella are incredible. I am REALLY going to miss this place. Here’s a couple short videos to show what I mean.

Oh, and apparently it’s earthquake season. Our former home in Ridgecrest got hammered by two major tremblers within 36 hours. We’re about 50 miles west of there, and still felt plenty of rumbling. Doing fine, and carrying on.

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