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6/25 More fun in Kernville

Rooster: It’s week 3 in Kernville, and we’re still soaking up a ton of fun. Our friend Hoops joined us again, before heading off to Tahoe. We’ve also gotten some more mountain biking in. There’s a biking trail here called Just Outstanding, and it is precisely that: lots of technical riding with great views thrown in. This past weekend we took a hike to a waterfall, and it was beautiful.

The work here has been fun. I’m still working on the rental bikes, and doing a little bit of guiding. Maverick is working in the office and also helping with the climbing wall. We really lucked out with this place: we’re getting PAID to do cool stuff!

As much fun as we’re having, we are itching to get back on the trail. After carefully watching the snow and meltoff situation, we decided that July 10 is the day that we’ll get moving again. Unfortunately, that puts us almost six weeks behind schedule, and really jeopardizes our chances of finishing this thing in one season. But as we’ve said all along, the primary goal is to have a big adventure this summer. And we are winning that one!

1 thought on “6/25 More fun in Kernville”

  1. The adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for the updates. I’m living vicariously through you two. Lots of sloppy wet kisses from the kids and a big hug from me.

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