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5/31, mile 652. The desert, and hanging in Ridgecrest

Rooster (Tim): What an incredible stretch. The desert has been unseasonably cold and rainy up until the last couple days. Then the sun finally came out, but not as bad as expected. It’s been in the ’80’s, and our water sources have been plentiful.

As mentioned in a previous post, we have some friends that were still living in the area. Ian and Kirstie became fast friends when I was stationed in Ridgecrest from 2006-09. Our kids were around the same age, and we all had loads of adventures together. They very graciously put us up for three days, despite already having a full house. Their oldest son had gotten married, and Ian’s folks were in town from England. It was so great to reconnect and see them again. We’ll be seeing them again over the next few days.

When we left Ridgecrest, we decided to change things up a bit by doing an 86 mile section southbound. It was a lot of fun running into all of our friends that were northbound (“You guys are going the wrong way!”) Incredibly, our first day we ran into fresh snow. Which was a not-so-subtle reminder that we’re not far from the Sierras now. This years’ record snowfall is on everyone’s mind, and will be the subject of our next blog post. Hope everyone is enjoying our trip so far!

Ian, Kirstie and us
With our son’s childhood friends, Matt and Caleb

Love this pic of Maverick
Piled in and heading back to the trail


45 degrees and sideways rain; this is the desert?


All this rain is bringing out the flowers

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