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5/24, Mile 566. Crazy weather and wind farms!

Rooster (Tim): So, SoCal is experiencing an exceptionally cold and rainy May this year. Luckily, we’ve got all of our rain gear, and have mostly managed to stay warm and dry. The last few days have been in the desert. Everyone had expected sunny skies in the 90’s, and instead we’ve gotten clouds and rain in the 50’s.

And of course, lots of wind! Some nights, it’s almost flattened the tent. But the wind farms have been fun to walk through. They go on for miles.

We’ve hiked as far as Tehachapi, and are currently taking some downtime in Ridgecrest. We were stationed here ten years ago, and some of our friends are still here. The Tidballs had kids the same age as ours, and we all had lots of adventures together. Camping, 4x4ing, snowboarding, etc., we always seemed to be hanging together. And it’s been great to see them and catch up.

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