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5/16, mile 455, Agua Dulce

With our new friend, Leslie

Tim: It’s been awhile since we’ve updated, so let’s get up to speed!

Wrightwood was a great little town with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. It also might have some of the friendliest residents we’ve ever met. We got a hitch into town in the rain, with no solid plans for a place to stay. We immediately had the pleasure of meeting Leslie. She pointed us toward a great bar and grille, and started calling all the local trail angels she knew. Everybody was already booked up, so she offered up her place! We got a shower and met her three adorable dogs. She took us all over town to get our chores done, and we had fun with her at karaoke. She was so kind and extremely generous in ways big and small, and we feel like we quickly developed a lifelong friend. We love you Leslie!

After leaving town, we set our sights on Mt. Baden-Powell. Named after the founder of the Boy Scouts, it was a tough climb through soft snow. Beautiful views at the top. Since then we’ve had heat, cold, wind, and rain. And every morning we still have a huge smile, and say “It’s a beautiful day!”

One new development: we both have our trail names! Charisse is “Maverick”, like in Top Gun. She’s definitely the pilot in our little duo, setting the pace and lighting off the afterburner from time to time. I have been dubbed “Rooster”. As a gag, I put a surgical glove over my head and nose, and blew it up. The fingers inflated like on a chicken’s head. Funny stuff, I think there’s a video of it a couple weeks ago.

We are currently at “Hiker Heaven” in Agua Dulce. It’s a great little compound of sorts, with everything a filthy hiker needs: showers, laundry, charging station, mail, tent space, and the smiling faces of all our trail friends. The trail angels here have been running it for years, and we are all so grateful for their generosity.

Our German friends Jannis and Pizza King
Crammed in the back of Leslie’s car

Game faces

Lazy snake, wouldn’t get off the trail

2 thoughts on “5/16, mile 455, Agua Dulce”

  1. May 19 I will be staying overnight in Santa Barbara, about 140 miles due west of where you will be. Tonight and the last couple nights I have been in La Jolla, CA at north edge of Dan Diego. Has a nice, long lunch with your cousin Troy today. You are moving along fine! Enjoy reading your emails. 🙂


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