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5/9, mile 342, Cajon Pass/I-15

Charisse: The morning we left Big Bear, we had a fantastic brunch with friends and then lazily hit the trail early afternoon. And it has been a great week since then! Big mile days, fairly easy trail/terrain, and gorgeous views!

We had our biggest day yet on Monday at 23.5 miles, with stellar views all day. The next day allowed us a long lunch at a beautiful spot on the river, and a campsite next to a waterfall and river that night.

Yesterday, we were walking up a hill, and I heard quite a bit of buzzing around me. We hear bees and other bugs all the time, with lots of flowers along the trail, so I didn’t think much of it. I looked up and realized I was in a swarm of bees! I turned around quickly and said to Tim, “bees…lots of bees”. We started walking back down the hill away from them, and my quick-thinking hubby said, “It looks like they’re coming this way. Let’s lie down on the side of the hill and see if they move right past us.” Which they totally did. They were just moving down the hill on a breeze. My hero. 😍🥰

Later that day, it was getting hot as we were going by a gorgeous lake, and we were planning a lunch stop and maybe a swim at a picnic area coming up. Then we saw signs for…TRAIL MAGIC!! Fish Tank and his wife had an awesome set up in a pavilion with burgers, hot dogs, fruit, cold soda, and lots of snacks. We stayed for way too long enjoying good conversation and food with these awesome people.

Today we’re in Cajon Pass doing a small resupply and then hitting the trail in a couple of hours. Next stop: Wrightwood.

Overlooking Big Bear
Huge pine cones!

Trail magic!

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