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4/30, mile 201: Fun in Idyllwild, and the San Jacinto Wilderness

Tim: We had so much fun in Idyllwild! I met the mayor of Idyllwild, who is a dog named Max. We wound up staying for two zeros; partially to heal up, mostly to enjoy this cute mountain town. We ran into most of our trail friends, and made sure to enjoy a lot of town food.

Part of this experience is just chatting with people in town. We met a really nice couple who had driven up for the weekend. They live down in the desert and run a newspaper called the Desert Review. I took a pic of their dogs Asher and Baxter, and promised they’d be featured in the blog.

We got back on the trail yesterday, and the San Jacinto Wilderness is proving to be beautiful, but very challenging. We had fog, cold mist, and slushy snow for a slow 8 miles before calling it a day when it started to sleet. Then we got to Fuller Ridge! It lived up to its snow filled, can’t find the trail, wish it was over, reputation. But we made it through; on to the next leg!

Hoops enjoying coffee with Redi-wip and maple syrup

More town food; Doc tearing up a burger

Our room in Idyllwild



Peter Dude: “Don’t eat me Asher”!
Asher and Baxter

Above the clouds at 9000 feet
200 miles

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