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4/27, mile 179. Zero day in Idyllwild.

Tim: The San Jacinto Wilderness is kicking our butts, but we are having a great time! Since leaving Julian, we had two very windy days to get to Warner Springs. That’s where we picked up our first drop box. Most of the time we’ll be resupplying in towns that we come to, but sometimes we’ll have food and supplies sent to us from home.

The last two days in particular have been very difficult hiking. The elevation changes, altitude (topping out over 8000 ft), terrain, and snowfields have worn us out. But we’ve been rewarded with incredible views and new friendships. And some blisters! We’re taking a day off in the beautiful town of Idyllwild to rest up for the next stretch.

Hiker trash

“Minion cactus”

Sunset in the San Jacinto Wilderness
I’ve been perfecting my “Smoky Eye”; too much?
Laundry day

Tent City in Warner Springs
Posing on Eagle Rock

Coupla hippies

2 thoughts on “4/27, mile 179. Zero day in Idyllwild.”

    1. Haha, thanks Lucky!! Glad you’re enjoying! It’s hard to keep anything clean out here, but we’re trying! 😎


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