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Kindness of Strangers/Zero in Julian

4/20 Mile 91

Charisse: What a time we had in the cute little town of Julian. It was bustling with a mix of tourists and smelly (and hungry) thru hikers. Thursday afternoon we hitched into town, did some shopping, and had an awesome burger and some famous Julian pie. That night, we were lucky enough to snag a room at an inn, where we did our laundry and showered (you have no idea how magical that combo is). An adorable couple gave us a ride from town to our inn, which would have been a 3+ mile hike, uphill, if they hadn’t picked us up. The next morning was coffee and oatmeal with a view on the deck, and then the innkeeper gave us a ride into town.

We wandered around, saw some hikers we knew, and had a delicious fresh lunch with lots of salad and yummy lemonade. We had more Julian pie with cinnamon ice cream (free to PCT hikers at Mom’s Cafe!), while we listened to some street music. Hoops and Isaiah had a room at the lodge and offered up a place to stay. We dropped our packs there and went to get the other thing Julian is known for…hard cider!

We had a late dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant and ended up eating the leftovers for breakfast. We hitched to Scissors Crossing where we were picked up on Thursday and there was…TRAIL MAGIC! Lots of it! A bunch of hikers were hanging out under the bridge, along with two guys (trail angels) who thought of everything. They had cold beer, fresh fruit and veggies, chocolate, music, chairs, and were grilling up hot dogs when we left. We were full but ate some fruit and veggies anyway. They refused to take any money, and took our picture to post on Facebook. It’s so amazing to me the kindness we’ve received already in just the 6 short days we’ve been out here. Hoping to pay it forward someday.

Today was WINDY!!! Almost the entire 14 miles. Gusts upwards of 40+ miles per hour. At least we kept cool, lol. Pretty easy hike, otherwise, and we’ve set up camp for the night. We’ll be in Warner Springs tomorrow night, where we’ll pick up a resupply box Monday morning and head on down the trail. It’s been an incredible couple of days. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

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