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4/19, mile 78. Zero day in Julian

Rain, fog, and wind. Still smiling.

Tim: What a stretch: we’re froze, burnt, and giddy at how much fun we’re having!

The climb up to Mt Laguna (6000 feet) was a long trudge in 48 degrees and a gusty drizzle. But the next day the sky was blue and we had great views. One night we “cowboy camped” (no tent) under the stars, full moon, and had an incredible desert sunrise. Yesterday, we crushed a 21 mile day in 85 degree heat to treat ourselves to a bed and breakfast last night. A shower and laundry never felt (and smelled) so good!

Today, we’re taking a zero day (no hiking) to recover and get some resupply done. We’re in the mountain town of Julian, which is well known for its pie and hard cider. Our friend Jeff is coming up from San Diego, so it’ll be fun to hang with him. Then tomorrow, back to the trail!

50 miles!
New friends “Redwood” and Isaiah

“Hoops” and Charisse, hangin’ in Julian

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